Glowing Mummas

Passionately supporting parents in Pregnancy & Early days with baby.

Specialising in evidence-based Antenatal classes, and providing fun, interactive age-appropriate baby classes.

I am soo very passionate that women get the support they need in labour and early parenthood, both physically and mentally and incorporate this ethos into my classes.

Glowing Mummas

Hey I’m Terri 👋
I’m an Antenatal & Postnatal educator. Passionate that you should get the education & support you need in pregnancy, birth, the fourth trimester & within your first year with baby. I incorporate this ethos into my classes. 
Providing you with quality education, mindful support & community. I am judgement-free & I encourage people from all walks of life to attend my courses. I also work hard to ensure my courses are relevant, interactive & up to date, as well as being down to earth so we can always have a giggle 😄
Take time to look around my website, checkout the Antenatal classes, Baby classes and FAQ’s and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Terri Fowler

Antenatal & Postnatal Educator

Qualified in Antenatal & Postnatal education, Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy. 

Accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators. Insured by Holistic. Proud to be an AIMS member 💪 

"I feel prepared for my labour and not fearful"

Popular Courses

Empowering Antenatal classes that include everything you need to know birth & baby. Education is balanced and free from judgement to help you to make choices to suit you.

Including a comprehensive antenatal course, hypnobirthing, a pregnancy movement class, newborn babycare & baby feeding.

Suitable classes for both new parents and those with more than one child. 

Postnatal Courses

Baby Classes - Glowing Mummas

These postnatal courses are perfect for you and your baby, in your babies first year. 

 A mixture of educational courses and fun baby classes for under ones. 

Initially supporting mummas in the fourth trimester, using mindful techniques concentrating on self-care and support. Progressing onto age appropriate, fun & sensory classes for little ones under one. 


Private Online Courses

1 to 1 Glowing Mummas

Private Antenatal & Postnatal courses tailored for you on a 1 to 1 basis.

Available Online via Zoom, providing you with a personal service.

Perfect for anyone wanting a personalised, 1 to 1 service, if unable to attend face to face Antenatal classes due to distance or if due date is too soon to attend a group class.            

Subject to availability.

Happy World Book Day everyone!

So these are the two books I'm getting stuck into right now! 😅

The Jolly Postman – an absolute classic! I loved it when I was little and treated my little boy to it & he adores it as much as I did.

Why home birth matters by Natalie Meddings – 🤰👌 Only just started this one and loving it so far. 💕

Does anyone else buy their kids their favourite books or is it just me?

I'm always looking at getting stuck into a new book.
What's a book that you would read over and over again?…I'm always looking for recommendations.

Terri xx

☀️Hey finally it's March! ☀️

I love seeing that sunshine and that excitement that face to face classes will be back soon 😍

Who's expecting a March baby? 🤰👶

Antenatal Classes are now live on the Glowing Mummas website!

To find out more visit or click the link in my bio ⬆

So my toddler LOVES to brush his teeth…and by "brush his teeth"….. I actually mean eats the toothpaste 🤦‍♀️

When I properly try to brush his teeth he turns into a mini WWE wrestler…and generally I don't win 😂🤼‍♂️ Which is exactly what happened this morning 😅

What do you struggle with, with your toddler?

Terri xx

Make Birth Better Training

This course has been amazing. Massive thank you to the Make Birth better team for the last 5 weeks.


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Glowing Birth Relaxation
Have you seen that Glowing Birth Relaxation is now available to book?

It's absolutely lush! A real mix of pregnancy yoga type movement, hypnobirthing inspired scripts & birth education.

There are few of dates to book, so get in early as only limited spaces are available! Click the link in my bio to findout more & secure your place. ⏫

Terri xx

Such lovely feedback from a couple on the Shine complete course last year 💕

If you are interested in Antental or Hypnobirthing courses. click the link in my bio ⏫ or visit

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