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"I loved learning about the different stages of labour , I feel prepared for my labour and not fearful. I feel with Terri’s education I am ready for our little newborn arrival .

Myself and my partner particularly found the support in the fourth trimester very interesting, it was something we hadn’t thought about much and Terri explained so many ways to find support if we need it"

Hayley - A Mumma
Shine Complete Course
& Radiant Hypnobirthing
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"I now feel more knowledgeable in regards to what my partner and the baby will be going through. I feel more prepared."

A Dadda -
Shine Complete Course
Shine Complete Glowing mummas
"This course was great. As someone who is completely new to this and didn't really know what to expect, I went in with an open mind. It's easy to feel as a first timer, that you are out of your depth and that every question that you may have is either a stupid one or something you should already know. Terri really makes you feel relaxed and encourages all questions, no matter how small. 
It helps you to realise you are not alone and that others have the same questions. Terri creates a friendly environment where you can all have a giggle, feel at ease and share your concerns as well as learning useful techniques.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to have a more positive outlook on birth and change their mindset. "
Sammy A Mumma - Glowing Birth Relaxation Course

“We’ve loved our classes with Terri so much!

They’re really great for both me as a new mummy and for my little one. We’ve even booked up to the next class already and can’t wait to have more fun xx”

Heather – A Mumma from Twinkle Baby Massage

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Terri for our one-to-one sessions! The lessons were really relaxed but very informative, and after learning we were due to have a c-section Terri tailored the lessons to be more relevant to our situation.


There was a great mix of scientific and more relational content and everything was delivered in a really approachable way. We feel far more confident and prepared now – thank you! X”

Amy & Tom – First time parents – Shine Complete Birth and Baby Private class

“Freddie and I have absolutely loved our baby massage class with Terri!


We are so excited for our next class in September!


We highly recommend The class for all new mummy’s and babies”

Rebekka – Mumma from Twinkle Baby Massage

"Terri is a very professional teacher, she is warming and explains things thoroughly to you making sure you understand what has been explained to you. Very knowledgeable and would 100% recommend!"

Daniel - A Dadda - Shine Complete Course

"Terri was warm and approachable throughout the course. It was a lovely forum for expectant mums to come together under the guidance of Terri. I look forward to taking what I have learnt forward into the remainder of my pregnancy and into labour and birth."
Danielle - A Mumma - Glowing Birth Relaxation

"I would like to thank Terri for making this course fun, educational and easy to understand. I feel more prepared for the whole thing, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any of my friends or others who are interested in these classes"
Josh - A Dadda - Shine Complete & Radiant Hypnobirthing

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