FAQ’s – If you’re interested in Antenatal classes but have some questions. You can checkout the frequently asked questions that I get asked the most below 💖

There are 4 core Antenatal Courses, each one is different and it’s entirely your decision which one you choose: – 

  • Shine Complete Birth & Baby is the most comprehensive and the most “traditional” education course. It is ideal for first time parents. It incorporates all of the key elements of birth such as the signs of labour, stages of labour, pain relief options, techniques for partners to assist. It is the only course that also incorporates Baby Feeding and Newborn baby care. 
  • Refreshing Birth Prep – Ideal for parents who already have children or those wanting a shorter course. The mini-antenatal course for mother/birth person & birth partner. It still includes birth education, but no newborn baby care or newborn baby feeding.
  • Radiant Hypnobirthing – This course is ideal for those wanting practical techniques for birth. A couples course, it includes everything in Refreshing Birth Prep course. It also includes hypnobirthing techniques to get you set for your birth. Understand why hypnobirthing is effective, how to create a positive birth environment. A digital pack provided for your calm birth. No newborn baby care or baby feeding included in this course.
  • Glowing Birth Relaxation – A practical course for mother/birthing person only. This incorporates a mixture of yoga type, pregnancy movements, practical birth tips and some relaxing birth scripts. This is such a beautiful relaxing course and can be used in conjunction with any other of the courses. 

If you need support email terri@glowingmummas.com

There are a variety of Antenatal Packages for you to choose from that combines different Antenatal Courses. 

Packages often benefit from a generous discount compared to booking each course separately. 

Either book packages online or contact Terri direct and get 10% off when 2 courses booked at the same time. 

Popular combinations for first time parents include Shine Complete followed by Hypnobirthing (short course), you could even do Glowing Birth Relaxation at the same time throughout.

Second time+ parents would be more suited to combining  Hypnobirthing and Glowing Birth Relaxation. 

For any questions regarding packages email FAQ to terri@glowingmummas.com

All of the Glowing Mummas courses are suitable for single parents. 

You can attend the following with a Birth Partner:

  • Shine Complete Birth & Baby
  • Radiant Hypnobirthing
  • Refreshing Birth Prep

Glowing Birth Relaxation is a woman/birthing person only course and welcome to all. 

The Glowing Birth Relaxation course involves very gentle Yoga style movement, it’s ideal for any level of fitness. 

Please let your teacher know if you have any health conditions or conditions relating to your pregnancy that may affect movements and she can tailor the movements to suit you. 

Glowing Mummas really cares about the health of you, and your child. That’s why we have a COVID policy in place is to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

You can read the COVID policy by reading it HERE.

You will receive a pro-rata refund of the weeks that you have not attended.

Where-ever possible you will be moved to an alternative group date. 

Please be aware however that this is not always possible with due dates on Antenatal Courses. So ensure that you check the course dates prior to booking. 

The full Terms and Conditions can be found HERE

If your question hasn’t been answered in the FAQ.

You can email terri@glowingmummas.com for any other questions that you have about the courses.