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I’m so excited to share this with you, I’ve been getting it up and running for the last few months and finally, it’s ready to go! This is my first blog post, so thought I would start with the basics & introduce myself.
Hey – I’m Terri 👋 Welcome to my new Website!
Terri Fowler - Glowing mummas
I’m an Antenatal & Postnatal teacher based on the South Yorkshire / North Lincolnshire border.  Antenatal Classes, Hypnobirthing in Doncaster & Scunthorpe. I originally ran a franchise, but at the start of lockdown, our head-office went into administration…. (oh COVID….what a nightmare!!!). 🤦‍♀️😭….it was devastating.
So after consideration, I made the decision to go it alone. A really scary prospect, however one I really wanted to take on! The past few months have consisted of me creating branding, this website, emails, booking systems, creating new courses & everything in between. I really have had to start again from scratch.
It hasn’t been easy but I’m so passionate about providing a service, where parents can get fab education and support in pregnancy, the fourth trimester and in their first year with their baby. This time, although absolutely amazing to have a new person coming into the world, is tough. We are all human, after all, none of us are perfect. There is no perfect birth or perfect parenting, we all are trying our best.
Impartial & Evidence-Based Education – so you can make choices right for you
The education I teach is up to date, devised by Midwives, and evidenced based. I am balanced &  judgement-free, which means I will give you the information based on research and then you can make the decisions for your birth and baby that are right for you and your family. You may choose to breastfeed, or bottle-feed, you may decide an elected C-section is right for you or you could want a water-birth with candles and music. I’ll help you understand your options, and you can decide what is best.
About me
I am fully insured. My courses are accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators. The training I received was accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I’m proud to be an AIMS member 💪 I am also qualified in Antenatal & Postnatal education, Hypnobirthing (DipHb), Hypnotherapy & Counselling.
What you can expect
Glowing Mummas was created to provide parents with mindful support, education and community.  Completely judgement-free and I encourage people from all walks of life to attend my courses. I also work hard to ensure that my courses are relevant, interactive and up to date as well as being down to earth so we can have a giggle 😄
I am soo very passionate that women get the support they need in labour and early parenthood, both physically and mentally and incorporate this ethos into my classes.
And…..that’s me… I hope you’ve enjoyed my 1st blog post and know a little bit more about Glowing Mummas. How I’ve started something new & exciting.
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